The Theme of Written in Light,
Volume 2 is Tales from the Fall — anything and everything related to the Red War

You can include canon characters or original characters in any combination, your content doesn’t have to be centered on Guardians, and we welcome whatever headcanons you have about the Red War in your work.

Please send all submissions to Be sure to include the title of your piece, the name you want on your byline, and - optionally - a link to your website or portfolio.

The deadline for submission is December 18th, 11:59 PM PST.

Submissions may take the form of:

  • Artwork - digital or traditional media, including drawing, painting, comics

  • Fiction writing - prose, poetry, screenplays, flavor text; all forms of fiction

  • Cosplay/Prop-making - original photography

We are NOT accepting:

  • Non-fiction stories or journalism

  • In-game screenshots, edited or otherwise

  • Multi-chapter or ‘series’ entries, including ‘introductions’ - all submissions must be stand-alone content

All submissions to Written in Light must be previously unpublished, original content.

We know you’ve already made some great stuff - that’s how we know this will be a success! However, we ask that submissions be crafted explicitly for inclusion in this zine. If you’re a cosplayer or a prop-maker, this doesn’t mean we’re asking you to create a new costume or prop (feel free!) - but we are asking that you take new, original photos.

Important Notes
If your submission is accepted, you remain the sole owner of your work, but you give Written In Light permission to publish it and use it for marketing or communications purposes. We also ask that you refrain from re-publishing your accepted work for 60 days following the release of the zine out of respect for the project.

Destiny is rated T. Submitted content should follow these guidelines. Submissions containing explicit nudity or excessive gore and violence will not be accepted. For an overview, see the IGN guide to ESRB ratings. The Editorial Board of Written in Light will have final say on the propriety of submissions.

Submission Guidelines
Written in Light will showcase the best that the community has to offer. Please do not send us incomplete or draft works, unless specifically requested by the editorial board.

Note for written submissions
All writers should be prepared to receive notes and edits on any accepted submissions.

Note for visual media submissions
Artists, cosplayers, and photographers: please consider a 150 pixel margin when designing your piece (try to keep your major elements within the margin, such as your signature!)

All submissions should conform to the following guidelines:


  1. Length
    Max 1,500 words
    No minimum

  2. File format:
    .docx, .odt, .pages,
    Google Docs


  1. Resolution/size:
    300 dpi (pixels/inch)

  2. Layout
    Max 5000 x 3000px, min 3000 x 1000 px
    Max 3000 x 5000px, min 1000 x 3000 px

  3. File Format
    .ai, .psd preferred
    .jpg, .png accepted


  1. Resolution/size
    300 dpi (pixels/inch)

  2. Layout
    Max 5000 x 3000px, min 3000 x 1000px
    Max 3000 x 5000px, min 1000 x 3000px

  3. Format:
    .ai, .psd preferred
    .jpg, .png accepted

*Cosplayers/photographers only: if you have questions or concerns about the dimensions stated, please reach out to us at


  1. Portrait or Landscape Layout

  2. Resolution/size
    300 dpi (pixels/inch)
    150px margin
    Max 3000 x 5000px, min 1000 x 3000px

  3. Length
    Any number of panels, maximum of 4 pages, no spread pages or panels

Delivery Methods: All submissions must be emailed to by December 18th, 2018, 11:59 PM PST.