Call for Submissions: Written in Light, Vol. 1

As Destiny 1 comes to a close and the release of Destiny 2 grows ever-nearer, this seems the perfect opportunity to celebrate the artists, writers, and creators that make the Destiny community so vibrant and so diverse. Therefore, I’m very pleased to announce a project that will do just that: Written in Light, a Destiny fan zine that will showcase the work of the people who make Destiny beautiful.

Not only does the Destiny community craft individual stories, comics, pieces of art, and other works that move and inspire us, but all of you have helped to expand the grand and terrible universe of Destiny well beyond the confines of its original release, and have transformed it into something greater than a video game. Now, we’re looking for works that express the wonders of the game, and demonstrate the overwhelming talent and creativity of those that love it.

The time has come to open up submissions to you, the community. If you’re an artist, a writer, an illustrator, a 3D modeler, or even a cosplayer, we want you to submit your work to Written in Light.

For the first issue of Written in Light, we’re asking you to tell us - however you choose - about the moments that made your experience with Destiny 1 great; the moments that have defined your experience of our shared world, that have inspired you or resonated with you, that have stayed and will stay with you for years to come.

What are your Memories of Destiny 1?