Do I get paid?
Nope! Nobody’s getting paid. That includes us.

Do I get a byline?
Absolutely - this is a community showcase. Include whatever name you would like on your byline when you submit. If your submission is accepted, we will reach out to confirm the information you wish to share.

I made a really great piece already! It’s up on my website/blog/portfolio. Can I submit that?
Sorry, not for this! We are only accepting new, unpublished content.  

My friend once did something really funny in Destiny. Can I share that story?
Written in Light focuses solely on fiction. Non-fiction stories or re-tellings, as hilarious as they may be, don’t fit what we’re looking for. 

All my best work is NSFW. Do you accept NSFW submissions?
Nope, sorry.

I really love my Destiny OC, can I include a story about them?
Certainly, but keep in mind that it must be a stand-alone work that is not dependent on a multi-chapter series.

I want to submit a drawing AND a story. Can I do that?
Yes! Understand, however, that they will be decided upon separately, and that acceptance of one does not guarantee acceptance of the other.

I want to work with a friend on a story accompanied by an illustration. Can I do that?
If you and a friend are interested in working together, we are more than happy to accept paired submissions. Please submit such works in a single email, rather than separately. Again, note that acceptance of one does not guarantee acceptance of the other.

I just submitted a story/photo/art piece I created. What happens now?
Thank you for submitting! After going over your submission, we’ll be in touch to let you know if you’ve been accepted in early January 2019.

What happens if my piece is accepted?
First, we’ll reach out to let you know we want to feature your submission. Writers will begin the editing process with our Chief Editor (don’t worry, your voice will be preserved), and artists will work with our designers to present their piece in the zine.

I have another idea that I want to talk to you about.
You’re sure it’s not listed here? Positive? In that case, send us an email at DestinyTheZine@gmail.com

Not finding answers to your questions? Try our community FAQ.